Eclectic fun in ‘Lockdown’ – Part 3

A further selection of images taken in and around my home. All square and all in monochrome. Today’s selection are all about light and shadows.

As well as having a little fun this exercise is a lesson about seeing. Observing how the light creates shadows and forms interesting shapes which can be quite abstract in appearance. Just have your camera to hand, the light doesn’t stay in the same place for very long.

Stay well, keep safe and if you can, have fun.

If you missed them here are Part 1 and Part 2 of the series.

10 Responses to “Eclectic fun in ‘Lockdown’ – Part 3”

  1. Richard Broom Photography

    Given the limitations in terms of lack of movement outside your home, most excellent images. Without the lockdown, I’m guessing these images would not have happened. We live in strange times!


    • alan frost

      We do indeed Richard and thanks for your comment. You are absolutley right, I don’t think any of these images would have been taken in ‘normal’ circumstances. Just shows what’s under your nose by placing a restriction on your movements.


  2. Adrian Lewis

    Good pictures, Alan, I especially like the shadow of the glasses – rather than staying in, can I suggest solitary walks with a camera in the early mornings, ie before / at sunrise? I find them both physically and mentally beneficial, and there are very few other people about – the resulting pics are in my blog’s Outer Suburbs category. Adrian 🙂


    • alan frost

      Thanks Adrian. Kind of you to comment. I am not at my best first thing but I do appreciate how wonderful the early morning light can be. ‘Win the morning, win the day’ as my grandad used to say! Thanks again.

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  3. Vicki

    Love them, especially the first and last ones. I also like the shadow of your glasses.

    Finding something in my tiny apartment is not easy.

    Here’s a few for you at and

    (which reminds me I haven’t put anything in my B & W blog since July 2019 😀 ).


      • Vicki

        Thanks Alan. I’ll try, but only 5-6 hours of energy these days, so it might be a while in coming.


  4. Robert Parker

    This is an excellent series! The 2nd shot in today’s selection, would make a great book cover, for a mystery or Perry Mason novel, with the shadow of the eyeglasses standing in for handcuffs.



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