Dorset in the snow


The number of times we experience snow in southern England are relatively rare, although we have had two quite significant falls in the past few weeks. What perhaps is more unusual, is for me to be in the right place and have the time to make some photographs of a ‘white’ landscape which is so well suited to monochrome.

In the past few days we have had the ‘Mini Beast from the East’, a lesser version of ‘The Beast from the East’ which took place at the turn of the month. I have read this morning that ‘The Beast from the East 3’ is being forecast for Easter. I am not a great fan of this naming of weather events, but the media machine clearly benefits.


Yesterday I was in Dorset and virtually all the roads were passable with care. I only had to turn round once where drifting snow had blocked the way ahead. I was fortunate to have good cloud cover as well. I was pleased the sun didn’t shine, as this would only have increased contrast and made setting the correct exposure even more challenging.


I thoroughly enjoyed a cold but photographically productive few hours finding suitable locations and compositions.


The snow simplifies the landscape. Shapes, lines, form and texture come to the fore. The snow helps to emphasise all these ingredients which are always important to a black and white photographer.

Do click on any of the images to view a larger version.

13 Responses to “Dorset in the snow”

  1. Robert Parker

    These are lovely pictures. I really like the snowdrifts in the first shot, looking like very smooth fabric, and reminding us of the Robert Frost poem “Stopping by the woods on a snowy evening” ( “…the sweep of easy wind and downy flake.”) The last shot almost looks like a very careful pen & ink drawing.


    • alan frost

      Thank you Robert. I keep meaning to read some poetry by Robert Frost. Not because we share the same surname but because I think his words might inspire my style of photography. Thanks for your kind comments as always.

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      • Robert Parker

        Some of his poems are pretty much mandatory in the grade school curriculum here, but despite that, I like some of them very much.
        I just looked him up – his family was originally from Tiverton, Devon, and I don’t know what part of England you hail from, but perhaps you might be distant relatives. 🙂


      • alan frost

        I’m from London originally and don’t believe we are related but you never know. I shall read some his work and see whether or not it’s for me.

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  2. Vicki

    That first image is a stunner, Alan. So soft and textural you can almost touch the ridges of snow and ‘feel’ the image.


    • alan frost

      Thanks Vicki. I have now printed this image on a textured matt paper which only helps to emphasise the velvety texture of the soft snow.

      Thanks too for your kind comments about my wife’s work.

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      • Vicki

        You’re welcome and thanks for the link to her blog – your wife has really ignited my creative juices which were waning. Nothing’s worse than being in a photography rut.

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