Eclectic fun in ‘Lockdown’ ….. Part 2

Continuing what I hope will be a relatively short series of entries, the first of which I posted on Monday. If you missed it you can read it here.

The premise of this series is to take photographs in my house and garden during Lockdown. First and foremost is that it should be fun.

I decided early on that I would place some constraints on my image making. Firstly I would only use one camera – the Fuji X100v which by virtue of its fixed prime lens (23mm or 35mm in full frame terms) would mean not just one camera, but one lens as well.

In terms of style all the pictures would be cropped square and I would try and process them in a similar way; black and white of course (no toning) and the addition of a ‘film like’ grain. I do consider these self imposed parameters are quite important as the project will take on a certain harmonious appearance. Well, that’s the plan.

In addition to the first image, a new hobby by the way, here are a few more.

Stay safe, keep well and have fun if you can.

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