Eclectic fun in ‘Lockdown’ ….. Part 1

‘Lockdown’ is far from easy and everyone is concerned about the future and what the ‘new normal’ will look like. None of know how things will pan out or when some of the restrictions will be lifted, allowing us here in the UK a little more freedom of movement.

Whilst we are worried and anxious that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have some fun in the current circumstances… be frank it’s essential. So over the coming days I shall be posting a series of images all taken in and around my home, both inside and outside. Observing light and shadows, unusual compositions, things of beauty, anything in fact which I think makes an interesting picture. To coin a phrase ‘Anything goes!’

I hope you will enjoy this series and better still it might inspire you to look around your own surroundings, observing the familiar, seeing things differently, finding interesting compositions and perhaps even pick up a camera and record what you see.

Until my next post, stay safe, keep well and if you can, have fun.

4 Responses to “Eclectic fun in ‘Lockdown’ ….. Part 1”

  1. Vicki

    Wonderful images and great examples of what one might photograph in limited surroundings.

    You reminded me I’d taken 2-3 monotone images in my kitchen a couple of days ago and forgot to download them.

    I have been watching the U.K. news with special interest as the figures keep getting worse and worse. Fortunately, my Goddaughter and her new Spanish husband moved from London to Maidstone only weeks before the outbreak. She’s a photographer and working for the British Library on some archival projects and fortunately (or unfortunately) is now working from home after getting concussion with a bad fall whilst moving house.

    I’ll look forward to some more creative and inspiring posts from you in the near future. Sometimes it takes the work of another photographer to give one some inspiration and unusual ideas.


    • alan frost

      Thanks Vick and apologiesd for delayed response to your kind comment.
      I do hope your Goddaughter recovers soon from her fall. Sounds as though she could be invloved in quiet an interesting project.



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