Jurassic Coast – one from the archives.

There are some advantages to being in ‘Lockdown’. Not many I admit, but it’s vitally important to remain positive and make the most of every day.

One upside is the chance to look through the archives and reconsider photographs taken in the past and never processed. I know I won’t be the only photographer doing the same thing – but why not given the restrictions on travel and the time we can enjoy outside the perimeter of our home.

This image of West Bay on the Jurassic Coast in Dorset was taken at the end of 2017; nearly two and a half years ago. I am unsure why I dismissed it first time round, but that’s the great thing about looking through the back catalogue. You discover ‘new’ work and see fresh potential in a previously forgotten image. I don’t delete any files for this very reason. File storage is considerably cheaper than it used to be and besides, why throw something away when it might come in handy one day. (Perhaps I do need to clear out the garage though!!)

Browsing through the archives is a very worthwhile exercise but it does take you back to places, which for the time being are out of reach. This can be frustrating but one day we will be able to return and as the old saying goes – ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ – and after all, Dorset is one of our favourite parts of the world.

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