Fuji X100v – a little colour persuasion

Ever since I acquired my new Fuji X100v I have wanted to experiment, or to use a better expression – play with colour! I have to say the combination of the camera and processing the images in Capture One Pro has been quite liberating.

Don’t get me wrong my first love is monochrome and probably always will be, but exploring the world of colour is another avenue I have always wanted to follow and now I feel in a position to do so.

It’s not just the camera and software combination, but a feeling that in these times of Coronavirus and Lock-down across large parts of the world, including my home country, we all need a little good cheer to brighten our day. I am the first to admit my black and white photographs can be a little sombre, even melancholy. They may reflect the times we are living through but what better than some colour and lovely early morning light to warm the soul.

These three images were taken this morning on our daily walk with the dog. It turned out to be some of the best light of the day. How fortunate we are that we can reach such a beautiful place from our front door, take photographs and then share them with others from the comfort of home.

Keep well and stay safe wherever you are.

4 Responses to “Fuji X100v – a little colour persuasion”

  1. Jay Horton

    Alan, What wonderful subtle colours you have disclosed in these images. Well done! Quick question:
    Could you replicate these with a Leica? Best regards,


    • alan frost

      Thanks Jay. The answer is both yes and no! Yes I’m sure I could replicate the look but also no, becuase these were processed in Capture One Pro for Fuji. It doesn’t support Leica RAW files and I do find the colour controls in Capture One are far better than Lightroom and overly complicated in Photoshop. The Fuji RAW files are also known for their wonderful colours, that’s not to say the Leica, particularly the CCD files on the M9, aren’t great as well. Hope this answers your question.


  2. Vicki

    I, for one, really appreciate the effort you take to do some photography in this light too. As I rise so late in the morning in recent years, I never get to see that early morning light at all.

    It’s good to see you have the same skill with colour as with monotone.


    • alan frost

      The dog gets us out and about nice and early….otherwise we might be tempted by a lie in and miss the best part of the day! Thanks as always.



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