Being creative again……

Why does this picture matter? …….Let me try and give you an answer.

I have always advocated that a photograph should say something about the person making the image. A way of expressing how the creator is feeling perhaps; a reflection of the life they lead or the circumstances they find themselves part of at time the shutter was pressed.

This photograph of a bluebell wood near where I live was captured yesterday morning. It is a joyful image, an artistic impression of Spring with lovely complementary colours, but the picture is also confusing , blurred and lacks clarity.

The photograph therefore expresses my feelings at this time. A time when we are lock-down owing to the Covid 19 pandemic which has struck the UK and many other countries across the world. People are bewildered and confused, life is uncertain and none of us can be sure what the future holds. Despite these concerns nature itself is predictable as it changes with the seasons. I can still enjoy its beauty and take pleasure in the experience of making an image to share with others who are not so fortunate. With patience our lives will return to a ‘new normal’ and the picture of what life may be like in the future will also become clearer. In the meantime nature will continue to delight our senses and inspire me to be creative.

This photograph matters because It wasn’t so very long ago that my wish to make new images was at quite a low point. I had little or no motivation to head out with a camera, let alone return home and sit in front of a computer screen to process the pictures I had captured.

It’s taken many months for things to change, but I think I can say with confidence that the fun and desire to create new work has returned.

6 Responses to “Being creative again……”

  1. Adrian Lewis

    Absolutely beautiful, Alan. I can very much identify with periods when creativity is at a low – my only advice is not to try to push or force things, but rather to think of other things, and to let creativity re-emerge on its own, in its own sweet time.

    I am of course mad, but I have a favourite little tune – its origins long lost (Kenya?) – that I often hum to myself and dance around to, and I’ve noticed that it can be quite effective when sitting at the computer screen, creating images. I suppose that the tune and gentle dancing take me momentarily to another place, whereon lie inspiration and unconventional ideas. Adrian 🙂


    • alan frost

      Thanks very much Adrian. Pleased you like the image.
      You are absolutely right about being patient. Many people I know uttered the same words which was reassuring.
      I don’t have a theme tune to hum, but I do find music generally helps creatively. Thanks again and stay well, Alan

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  2. Richard Broom Photography

    I have days when I will never reach for the camera and then, after a while, the urge comes back again. Photography is a strange thing and it really is a creature of moods. And the image is just wonderful.


    • alan frost

      Thank you Richard. I am now taking out a camera when exercising daily on my bike. Sometimes I see an image, as I did with the bluebell wood, sometimes I don’t….but it doesn’t matter if I do or I don’t, it’s with me when the opportunity arises. Thanks again.


  3. Helen Cherry

    I rarely seem to lose my love of actually being out taking photos but I frequently just don’t want to sit at a computer to work on them !
    I’m glad you have your Mojo back



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