Two minutes at Langstone Harbour

In case you were wondering about the title of this post, let me clarify straight away that all three images were captured using a Lee Super Stopper (15 stop Neutral Density filter). This gave me a two minute exposure time. Add in a second exposure for the same length of time for noise reduction and I was waiting four minutes before I could see the result on the camera screen. This is nothing of course compared to using a film camera when you might wait for days before finishing a roll of film, develop the film strip and then finally see a thumbnail print on a contact sheet, only to be elated or disappointed with the outcome.

I actually spent a couple of hours at this location finding different compositions and testing various shutter speeds. There wasn’t much cloud movement and I eventually settled on 120 seconds as the optimum time to create the effect I was looking to achieve.

Langstone Harbour is in Hampshire on the south coast of England. At the head of the harbour there are a couple of pubs and a distinctive mill. The old mill is now a private residence but was a working mill until WWI. You can imagine it’s a popular spot for tourist, walkers and bird watchers.

There is no question it’s a delightful spot and the view above is the ‘picture postcard’ composition taken by many a visitor. But I was searching for another and more dramatic interpretation of the location.

Earlier this week I gave a talk at a local camera club and one of the topics I spoke about was projects, both large and small. I said that I considered each entry on this blog was a small project in its own right. A selection of images coupled with some words which help to give context and background information to a photographic outing, however brief.

I have been sharing images and writing about my work on this blog since 2012 and for me it is just one way of arriving at a conclusion. There is a sense of satisfaction in posting an entry which I have enjoyed piecing together; but more importantly I hope it gives my followers and readers some pleasure as well.

Until I am ready to post the next one, thanks for reading this one!

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