Camera Club Talks

In the past two weeks I have given a talk on black and white photography at a couple of camera clubs in my region. The presentation is called ‘Me and My Mono’. The first half is an eclectic mix of monochrome images from a variety of genres which have been taken over a number of years; from the time I switched from ‘colour’ to ‘black and white’ right up until the current day. The second half of the talk is about my approach to photographic projects both short and long term and the results and satisfaction that can be enjoyed by making bodies of work.

I displayed a selection of prints but the talk mainly features projected images. The presentation lasts a couple of hours which allows time for a tea break half way through.

I am familiar with public speaking so the decision to speak at camera clubs was not particularly daunting, although sharing your pictures and divulging your personal approach to photography is not neceesarily for the faint hearted. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and plan to do more talks in the future.

By all accounts the presentation has been well received and I have had some very positive feedback.

A comment from Richard J Veitch BA BSc(Hons) CEng MIET & Chairman Horndean Camera Club. (Jan 2019)

‘Alan’s presentation “Me and My Mono” demonstrated his passion for his photography and the craft with which he delivers his images. He talks with great confidence about how he developed his personal style and interacted knowledgeably and with great humour with his audience. He also replied to questions about his technique clearly and fully. I can wholeheartedly recommend Alan Frost ARPS to deliver an informative and entertaining talk.’

And a comment from Alan Fitzgerald the Chairman of Middleton Camera Club. (Feb 2019)

‘Thank you for your very stimulating presentation on Monday. It is the first time for ages that we have had such a refreshing talk and all the more so because it enabled us to have a very good insight into the advantages of using monochrome for certain situations which many of us would only have taken in colour. The feedback I have received so far has been very, very positive and I know that some members have already been out into the field to try out ideas in black and white, inspired by your talk.’

More information about my presentation can be found here.

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