Misty transformations in Dorset

Winter can be a rather bleak time of year. The days are short and the weather is often a combination of wind and rain, cold frosty nights and occasionally snow. There are also days when blue skies return and the sun shines, which serves as a reminder that Spring may not be too far away. As a prelude to these clear bright interludes, the start of the day is often heralded by cool, misty or foggy mornings. I love these conditions for making images.

Mist has a transformative quality. Familiar scenes change their appearance. They become more attractive to my eye and what might otherwise be a very ordinary and simple subject, is now worthy of a photograph. The faint detail of what might be in the distance is hard to discern. A picture with a msyterious nature – an image which leaves something to the imagination.

This short series of photographs were all captured on a relatively short walk in the Piddle Valley in Dorset earlier this week. It’s a walk which is well known to my wife and I and of course to our spaniel. It’s thanks to our dog that we venture out so early in the day. An hour later and the sun had broken through and the mist burnt away.

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