A walk over Apple Down


It’s been a bright, dry and cold week and a couple of days ago I managed to find the time to take a stroll over Apple Down, which is north of the tiny hamlet of Up Marden in West Sussex. There are so many footpaths for me to explore and each one will hopefully yield some images to add to the portfolio for my latest project.

I realise that more and more I am drawn to simple subjects. Whether they be a gap in a line of trees, tracks in the field or farm equipment which has just been left on the ground by the farmer before he needs to use it again. They are not necessarily beautiful images but they are pictures which I believe capture the very essence of the landscape and for that reason alone are worth taking and recording.

This project is as much about documenting what I see in the area; it is not a search for ‘chocolate box’ pictures which have been taken countless times before.




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8 Responses to “A walk over Apple Down”

  1. Vicki

    Stunning but the 2 middle images have the most impact on me. Probably the way the tractor furrows draw the eye into the image.


  2. Allister

    There is certainly room for this approach to the landscape. It is, in some ways, a more honest relationship with our countryside. It is one of the things which I absolutely admire about Fay Godwin’s photography in “Land” She just lets the scene speak directly to the viewer without the distraction of sharpness, angle, composition etc intruding.


    • alan frost

      Thanks Allister …. and I agree whole heartedly with what you have said. Sometimes compositions are changed to exclude something in the frame which is not deemed to be pretty or attractive but it is still part of the landscape so my view is that it should be retained. I like the word ‘honesty’ when applied to photography as well as to life in general.

      I am a great admirer of Fay Godwin and her style of photography. She and others have inspired me. I have a copy of Land as well as Landmarks – both excellent books.

      Thanks for taking the trouble to comment.



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