New Project – It’s early days


It’s very early days as far as my new photographic project is concerned. For a variety of reasons I have only ventured out  on a few occasions with my camera since the turn of the year, however this will change as the daylight hours start to get a little longer.

Each trip has been very worthwhile as I start to familiarise myself with the area I have chosen to photograph. Even if the conditions aren’t perfect, the shutter is always released. Sometimes the purpose is to simply record a place and a composition I would like to revisit when the light is more favourable.

For the time being I thought I would share with you a small selection of images which only make me want to get out and about even more!








I should add that I have split toned these images however this may not be the final treatment. The jury is still out and it’s a decision that doesn’t need to be made right now. Rather like sketches made by an artist – they are experimental and may not truly represent the finished body of work.

As I have mentioned previously this is a long term project and I am just at the beginning.

To fully appreciate these images do click on the picture itself and a larger version will open in a new window.

7 Responses to “New Project – It’s early days”

  1. Robert Parker

    These are excellent. I can’t put my finger on it, but I find the first shot to be absolutely engrossing. I think it reminds me of walks in the Genesee Valley when I was very young.


    • alan frost

      Thanks for your comment. The inclusion of the telegraph pole was essential to the picture in my view so I am pleased you like it. Many people would have composed the shot in such as way to leave it out, but it’s part of the landscape and that’s what I am trying to depict in this project. Thanks again.



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