Close to my back door ….. the old tractor store.

On a recent walk I stumbled upon this old steel barn which had seen better days, and was now being used to store three redundant tractors. They too were long past their prime. How long the barn and tractors had been in this state is anyone’s guess but it was a rich source of photographic material.

It was a real pleasure to wander around and uncover some details in an effort to record and capture the feeling of this place.

This collection of images forms part of my latest project – ‘Close to my back door’. There are two other entries you might like to see.

A return to my favourite genre…..and it’s close to my back door.

Close to my back door …… when the light is right.

4 Responses to “Close to my back door ….. the old tractor store.”

  1. Tokens of Companionship

    Terrific! Your shot of the steering wheel is particularly evocative, with that thick layer of dust obscuring the dials. We can’t see through the dust, any more than we can see through the years.


  2. Robert Parker

    I grew up in a region well stocked with rusting farm equipment and abandoned, listing, derelict, and swaybacked old barns, but never one like this, really puts the Tower of Pisa to shame. I understand why that tractor in the 5th shot looks so wide-eyed and nonplussed. Very evocative shots, believe it or not, they make me a bit homesick. I particularly like the tractor face, and the rusted corrugated tin of the last shot.

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    • alan frost

      Thanks Robert. I really enjoyed reading your comment. You can imagine how delighted I was to find this rural treasure piece. Now I know it’s there I shall return, because I believe there are more photos to be taken.

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