A return to my favourite genre…..and it’s close to my back door.

It’s been a number of months since I posted an entry on this blog. Five months to be precise, which is a long time. I could bore you with a variety of reasons for my absence but that’s not really something I think you want to read about. (I have kept fit and well though and for that I am most grateful).

Instead I would prefer to share with you a selection of images all taken since the turn of the year. Pictures of my favourite genre, the landscape of the English countryside. Open countryside, farmland and woodland scenes.

I consider myself to be very fortunate. I love and I am inspired to photograph the beauty that is on my doorstep, which is just as well as we are living day to day through another Lockdown. This severely limits all travel except for essential reasons, and to take exercise in your local area. In fact the guidance is clear, do not leave home unless absolutely necessary.

I inted this to be the first in a series of images and blog posts. As I process and share these photographs with you I can feel a degree of excitement at the prospect of building a body of work which is harmonious in character, style and subject. I am sure it will evolve over time but as the seasons change I shall allow that to happen. Most of all I want to capture how I see the English countryside, and in particular record the raw beauty of rural scenes close to my back door.

Wherever you happen to be, stay well and keep safe.

10 Responses to “A return to my favourite genre…..and it’s close to my back door.”

  1. Gordon Gentles

    Hello Alan, Nice to see that you’ve started up your blog again. I imagine you’re well settled into your new home and environment.

    I haven’t done much photography recently. Very sadly Linda passed away on Christmas morning. Her Alzheimer’s condition deteriorated to the extent that she had to go into Kings Lodge nursing home at Chidham but only lasted there 12 days. The cremation was on the 18th January and as you can imagine I’m trying to start my new life without Linda.

    The restrictions caused by the pandemic only makes things worse but I had my vaccination more than two weeks ago so if things do get any easier it will be good to mix with friends again. Maybe one of these days I could come over and pay you a visit and you could show me some of your favourite locations.

    With best regards



    • alan frost

      Hello Gordon.
      Good to hear from you. So sorry to hear that Linda passed away, it must be very difficult for you to rebuild your life particularly given the restrictions on going out and socialising. My sincere condolences.
      You would be most welcome to visit us when some degree of freedom returns.
      Best wishes, my thoughts are with you.


  2. Vicki

    A lovely series of country scenes.

    To be honest, you are one of the few B & W photographers who manage to capture the atmosphere and mood of a simple country path (or landscape) and make me want to wander those English country lanes once more.

    Most non-photographers think it’s easy to photograph a foggy winter landscape, but not so. It takes a great eye for tone, composition and light (and if need be, skilful editing). All the images in this post are great examples.

    Good to see you back on your blog too. I worry when my favourite U.K. photographers don’t post for months at a time during COVID. Life sounds pretty grim in the U.K. at the moment (as my best friend is stuck over there, unable to get home, and writes of the lifestyle restrictions).


    • alan frost

      Many thanks Vicki, I am pleased to have returned to image making and writing on my blog.

      Thank you too for your appreciative comments. Yes, the restrictions in the UK continue and we are looking forward to a time when some freedom returns. The roll out of the vaccine is very promising so we hope by the Spring things will improve.

      I trust all is well with you.


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      • Vicki

        Yes, fine thankyou, Alan.

        (although the state has entered a new 5-day lockdown at midnight last night as the U.K. virus variant has ‘escaped’ from a quarantine hotel and proving to be highly contagious).


  3. datz

    Good to see you back here and on social media. You are one of the few photographers I follow that are inspired by the same things as myself, the British countryside in its everyday moods. No need to travel to Iceland!


    • alan frost

      Thank you David. I couldn’t agree with you more about Iceland and other far flung destinations. There is so much beauty on our own doorstep, which is just as well as we can’t go on holiday anyway!



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