Winter is coming…..

It may seem a little odd to be posting this image when here in the UK we are still enjoying the long warm days of summer.

This dull, misty scene of bare skeletal trees in winter reminds me of what lies in store. From a photographic point of view, autumn and winter have much to offer and the months between October and March are arguably my favoured time of year to be out and about with a camera.

I shall make the most of the summer but I am looking forward to the seasons changing and the impact they have on our rich and varied landscape.

9 Responses to “Winter is coming…..”

  1. David A Lockwood

    I think I must have blinked, it’s 16°C 20.43 hrs 23rd July and rather wet.
    But a lovely image that reminds me how beautiful UK can be, even if the weather is (insert expletive of choice) maybe it’s having been away for 30 odd years and forgetting how bad the weather can be.


    • alan frost

      23C earlier today and clear blue skies. Not hot but very pleasantly warm. Here on the south coast we have seen so little rain for the past 3 months everything is looking rather parched. Pleased you like the image.

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