Glass and Light……or when having fun inspires….

Regular visitors will know that during Lockdown I took on a different approach to my photography. Many of the images made during this time relied upon strong light, shadows and how ordinary household objects could be transformed when the light just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

One morning I happened to notice the affect of the very strong early morning sun shining through a wine glass on the kitchen worktop. I so enjoyed what I saw I was inspired to further the concept and see what I could create.

For starters the grain of the oak worktop was too distracting as a background. A plain background would work much better and had the potential to enhance the abstract nature of what I had in mind. I used a sheet of mount board and then raided the glass cabinet. Working quite quickly to make the best use of the strong angled sunlight I started to make a variety of compositions. No other light sources were used or necessary.

I followed the same parameters as with my ‘Lockdown’ series of pictures; square and monochrome although this time I applied a cooler tone using the colour grading tool in Catpture One.

As much as I enjoy single images I also like to produce a body of work or panels. The first image is quite strong in its own right, and the pair of images also work well together. Perhaps I most enjoy the three panels each with four images all of which work equally as well in my opinion.

The results are a long way away from my normal style but if ‘Lockdown’ taught me anything, it encouraged me to experiment, have fun, or to coin a dreadful expression, to ‘think outside the box’.

6 Responses to “Glass and Light……or when having fun inspires….”

  1. Vicki

    A most creative series and I’ll bet it was a lot of fun. The 7th image is my favourite. It reminds me of something I just can’t quite grasp.

    I’ve sat here for a few minutes trying to work it out. I think the shadow of the top of the glass jug makes me want to reach out and pick the shadow up using my fingers surrounding the rim. It sort of makes me want to physically interact with the shadow. (I told you I had weird imagination 🙂 )

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    • alan frost

      Yes, it was fun and no glass was broken in the making!! I agree they do make you look twice to figure out what you might be looking at. I think that was the appeal to me when I first started trying different compositions.


  2. Simon Howlett

    Great work Alan, a wonderful series. I feel still life is very much neglected in contemporary photography. Lockdown has been the perfect opportunity for photographers to delve into the genre. I’ve always admired Karl Blossfeldt’s and Josef Sudek’s still life work.

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    • alan frost

      Thank you Simon. I am familiar with and have been inspired by Sudek’s work but Blossfeldt is new to me so I shall look into his work. Thanks again. Alan



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