Wildflowers……when only colour will do.

Oxeye daisy

Walking through the countryside in the summer months and you can’t help but notice the widlflowers in the fields or in the hedgerow. Presenting any of these images in monochrome would not do justice to their beauty, so here are a small selection in all their colourful glory.

Field of foxgloves
Cow parsley
Single poppy

The little Fuji X100v continues to delight and is probably the very reason I captured these shots. It goes everywhere with me and is already proving to be a very user friendly and creative tool.

It sure is a joy to be out and about in the countryside at this time of year.

7 Responses to “Wildflowers……when only colour will do.”

  1. Vicki

    That field of foxgloves must be a ‘sight for sore eyes’. What an amazing display of colour.

    I can’t really imagine these images in B & W.



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