The Outer Hebrides – Sound Construction?

A few months have passed since visiting The Outer Hebrides off the North West coast of Scotland.

Whilst I normally like to dive straight in and process as many images as I can soon after I return home, sometimes I think it pays to wait a while. The delay has a number of benefits but before I elaborate further, here are a few photographs depicting dereliction on the Isles of Harris and Lewis.





There is no shortage of opportunities to take photographs of redundant, dilapidated buildings, and in some cases forms of transport, on the Isles. These elements are very much part of the character of the islands. They have a story to tell about the lives of the inhabitants both past and present. The abandoned croft houses, the once used shieling, all set in the most beautiful scenery imaginable.





I mentioned at the start of this entry that having patience when it comes to processing images can have its advantages. Firstly when selecting a set of images to process, time can reveal pictures which on first look might not have made the final edit. Although some always stand out from the crowd others take a little longer to come to the fore.

Secondly making a set of photographs it is definitely a plus to have a consistent approach on how they should be processed. A knee jerk reaction to this task can often result in a mis-matched set – and I hope that isn’t the case here.

The third and final benefit is that the very process of making images takes me right back to the very location the shutter was released. I can remember when it was taken, where we had come from and where we were going next. I remember too the light, the choice of camera and lens and other technical details and thoughts I had at the time. Most of all I can remember the feelings of being there. These are all memories to be enjoyed and savoured. Photographs lead you to that happy place in your mind. The only frustration can be a strong desire to return.

In many ways my wife and I were incredibly fortunate with the weather back in the early part of May but we would both like to return in less clement conditions, perhaps in the winter when the days are very short, the light is more dramatic and when the atmosphere is more melancholic.





If you have read this far, thank you, and you might just be wondering about the derivation of the title of this entry – ‘Sound Construction?’ when the images are all about dilapidation. Well the last image says it all really. A builders van which has also seen better days!



If you would like to view a larger version of any of the images then please click on the picture and it will open in a new window.

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