London – Reflections of City Life

Although I was born and bred in London (many years ago now) I no longer live there and I rarely have a reason to go there these days either. Whilst I understand the appeal of living and being part of a big, vibrant, cosmopolitan city with all its inherent attractions, it no longer appeals to me. Yes, I enjoy the occasional visit but I have to say I breathe a sigh of relief when I am on the train returning home.

Don’t get me wrong London is an incredible place, but like most modern cities I struggle with number of people and the non stop levels of activity. It’s busy, even frenetic, overcrowded and noisy. At times it can feel unfriendly perhaps even threatening. I guess that life for many inhabitants is a blur if not a little confusing. It gives me the impression that no one has the time to stop and reflect. People are surrounded by large scale buildings particularly in the City district, which dominate the skyline and are overpowering. I can imagine inhabitants feeling stressed and lonely in spite of the fact that it is hard to find anywhere where you can escape the activities of other human beings.







These images were all taken last week near London Bridge station on the south side of the River Thames near City Hall and the iconic Tower Bridge. All the images are single exposures – many are reflections which in some small way I like to think reflect my own feelings about the City Life of London.

5 Responses to “London – Reflections of City Life”

  1. Vicki

    Some marvellous compositions here. I’m a big fan of reflections in the city. They really portray the atmosphere and vibrancy of city and working. They reflect that moment of human life melting and being absorbed by the architecture.

    #3 & #5 are my favourites in this series. The eye of the artist that you are is just as obvious in a cityscape as in your landscapes.



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