Exhibition layout – now it’s getting serious

In about 11 weeks time, The Image Circle group exhibition will be opening The Oxmarket doors to the public. On the 14th November to be precise. Between now and then the six members of the group will be making their final selection as to what to display, organise matting and framing, choosing titles and of course promoting the event. It would be a pity to go to all this work if no one turns up!

Chichester Harbour Project-63

Harbour Reflections, Prinsted

I can only speak for myself but as I will be presenting a body of work on Chichester Harbour, as opposed to a selection of individual images or smaller collections of photographs, the overall layout of the panel is of particular importance to me.

The gallery space has been divided between us and I will be using six freestanding panels. To help my deliberations on the photos to be hung and how they should be grouped, I decided to create a scale drawing on my iMac depicting the pictures in their frames. I can add or delete photographs quite easily and move them around to ensure a harmonious appearance to the overall display. This is a lot easier than laying photos out on a large table or worse still on the floor! Besides they are not yet framed and I think this makes a difference.

Although I have still to commit to the final layout and choice of images, the plan is definitely taking shape. I certainly don’t want it to get to the hanging day itself and still be unsure what goes where, so this is proving to be a very worthwhile exercise.

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 14.37.44

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 14.38.18

Above you can see two hanging plans depicting the six panels. I have printed these off, stuck them on the wall and I will live with them for a while. That way I may be able to tell if there are any changes required – at least that’s the idea!

Further updates on this exhibition will appear in the days and weeks to come but if you would like to see the work of the five other photographers please visit The Image Circle website.




11 Responses to “Exhibition layout – now it’s getting serious”

  1. Gordon

    Look forward to visiting the exhibition and have put the dates in my diary.



  2. Vicki

    It would be great if you could put your final prints into a slideshow in the one post (for people like me to ‘visit’ as I can’t visit your exhibition in person). Obviously I’ve seen a few of your images, but putting them in the one post would be interesting to view.

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    • alan frost

      Thanks for the suggestion and yes its certainly my intention to do just that. There is already a ‘Chichester Harbour’ page under the Projects tab with a slideshow of some of the images but by no means all. Keep watching this space!


  3. Graham Devenish

    Hi, I did a similar thing with my exhibition, I printed all the possibles out as 6×4 enprints and, by already knowing the size of the individual walls and how many each wall would take, constructed the panels !

    After the exhibition, I put Jpegs of the final exhibition onto their own gallery on my website, in the order that they were hung.

    The final act is to put them into a book for posterity – still a work in progress !!

    Looking forward to seeing yours !!


    Liked by 1 person

    • alan frost

      Thanks Graham. I am on a very similar path – hardly surprising given the same end game. I already have a page on my site (Chichester Harbour under the Projects Tab) which I will eventually populate with all my images, not just the ones that will be framed and displayed.

      I am perhaps one step ahead of you in the sense that I would like to have a special portfolio album ready and available for people to view at the exhibition. Just researching possibilities but need to press on if it’s going to be ready in time. All great fun!



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