Early morning dew in Snowdonia – one from the archives


Having posted a few images taken in Pembrokeshire recently, I thought I would return to a Lightroom folder named Snowdonia, which I visited back in November 2015. I stumbled across this photograph which I had never processed before. It had just been sitting on my hard drive but I am rather glad I found it.

I remember the morning it was captured. The tree was backllit and the early morning light glistened on the heavy dew which had formed on the grasses overnight. The dark background was the perfect foil for the solitary tree.

There is always the temptation to process images soon after they were taken but there is also an argument that you should let images mature, untouched for many months and then return to them at a later date before processing. Something which was dismissed at the first edit, is re-discovered and what a pleasure this can be. Not only finding a ‘lost’ image, but in the process remembering the visit, the location and the conditions…….. a very worthwhile exercise in my view.

2 Responses to “Early morning dew in Snowdonia – one from the archives”

  1. LensScaper

    The back-lighting in this image suggests infra-red, although I know it isn’t. The brightness suggests Spring but from what you write it must have been late Autumn. It’s a lovely image, Alan.
    I agree with everything you say in the last paragraph. Images do ‘mature’ over time, and whenever we re-visit our archive we find hidden gems that we had forgotten or not quite known how to process.


    • alan frost

      As you rightly say it’s not infra red but could easily be mistaken for an infra red shot — and yes it was taken in the Autumn. I can’t remember now but the leaves must have turned yellow and with the sun shining through them gave them this wonderful glow. Try and find one or two more from the same trip. It’s good fun searching through old folders.



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