At the end of the day


At the end of the day

At the end of the day

There is something rather magical about the light at the end of the day. It is of course often referred to as the ‘Golden Hour’. It can be a lovely mix of warm tones in the sky, contrasting with the cool tones in the landscape.

Instinctively you almost know this photograph was taken at a time of year when Autumn merges into Winter. Most of the leaves have fallen to the ground. It has been a cold, clear day; with little or no wind and you begin to wonder what tomorrow has in store.

11 Responses to “At the end of the day”

    • alan frost

      Thank you Adrian. A gate post doubled up as a tripod, as the light was fading fast. The time it would have taken to set up tripod would have lost me the shot!


      • Adrian Lewis

        I really do agree, and especially so in an age of image stabilisation and greatly improved high ISO quality – and anyway I’m a lazy slob who can’t be bothered setting a tripod up. I ALWAYS take a tripod out with me (in the boot of the car) when I’m out photographing countryside, and yet I NEVER use it. Good to talk with you, Alan. Adrian

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