South Downs – a new gallery page

In September 2013 my nephew and I walked the length of the South Downs Way from Winchester in Hampshire to Eastbourne in East Sussex. A National Trail in the South Downs National Park, the Way is some 100 miles long, and is popular with both walkers and cyclists, and of course photographers!


Towards Cocking

Towards Cocking


I have now created a new gallery page for the South Downs which includes 42 monochrome photographs, the vast majority of which were taken during the walk itself. Please click here to see the entire gallery. I have included a few images in this post but I hope you will click through to the gallery and view the others as well.


Ashcombe Mill

Ashcombe Mill

Looking back at a selection of photographs is likely to trigger important memories and the challenge of walking the South Downs Way will always live long in my mind. From a photographic point of view these same images also define a style or processing technique which I felt comfortable with at that particular time. Two years on I am still very happy with this collection and although the camera equipment I now use has changed, I think my overall approach today would largely be the same as it was then.

I may well repeat the walk in the future and should I do so, I would walk the trail in the opposite direction by starting in Eastbourne and finishing in Winchester. I would also choose a another time of year, as the landscape would look very different to the conditions I enjoyed in late summer.


Firle Beacon

Firle Beacon


To read more about the walk here are the links to earlier entries.

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Field of curves

Field of curves


South Downs Gallery Page

6 Responses to “South Downs – a new gallery page”

  1. mondetrekker

    Nice shots Alan. I live in Australia but I used to have relatives in Eastbourne and I always enjoyed walking “up the downs”. Thanks for sharing.



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