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New Year, New Project

Towards Cocking

Towards Cocking (2013)

For the past 18 months or so much of my photography has centered around the coastal area of Chichester Harbour. Having a specific and long term project to concentrate the mind has been something of a revelation to me. I have always been inspired by other photographers and artists who have chosen a subject to work on over a sustained period of time. The intimate knowledge gained by exploring a defined area and the benefit this brings to a body of work is, I have now discovered, hugely rewarding.

South Downs Project Map

Project Map

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Goodwood Revival – a new gallery page

I have just added a new gallery to this site which features 35 images of this world famous annual event – to see this collection of photographs just click on this link – Goodwood Revival Gallery Page

I have been going to The Goodwood Revival for more years than I care to mention, but it was only in 2012 and 2014 that I decided to concentrate on just taking photographs and not spend quite so much time watching the racing itself. My main aim was to try and capture the wonderful atmosphere of what is really the biggest fancy dress party in the world. All mixed with the sights, sounds, smells and pure glamour of a motor sport from by gone era.

To give you a flavour of the collection I have included a small selection of photographs in this post but to see the complete gallery please click here.







I do hope you will take some time to visit this gallery and if you do, please click on the thumbnails and view a larger version of each image.

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Churches Project no 7. – St Mary, Stoughton, West Sussex

The Church of St Mary in Stoughton is described in the book ‘Betjeman’s Best British Churches’ as an outstanding example of a well-loved country church, and who am I to disagree. Standing above the pretty village, the late C11 church is approached up a wide but inclined footpath; a challenge I’m sure for a few elderly worshipers walking up the slope to get to the Sunday Eucharist service.

Whenever I find myself in a church I am simply looking to photograph the features which draw my attention. Sometimes it can simply be the play of light, as shown below in the image called ‘Hymns’. The rays of sun only lasted a few seconds so I was fortunate to capture this particular shot. Alternatively I might concentrate on certain details, like the ‘Organ pipes’ or ‘Bell ropes’. I will also use a wide aperture to give me a limited depth of field to isolate an feature but still provide context. The ‘Nave lamp’ is a good example of this technique.

Churches have many things in common, but they are all different. Each and every one has its own character and its this character or personality that I am trying to capture when the camera comes out of the bag and the shutter starts to open and close. I can happily spend an hour or two in an empty church just looking around, soaking up the atmosphere and waiting for the light to add another dimension these wonderful historic places of worship.





Organ pipes

Organ pipes


Nave lamp

Nave lamp


Chancel step

Chancel step


Bell ropes

Bell ropes


Contributions welcome

Contributions welcome





Chancel door

Chancel door


St Mary, Stoughton

St Mary, Stoughton


Do click on any of the images to view a larger version or visit the West Sussex Gallery page for other churches in the same county.

For more information about my ongoing Churches Project do click here.

For a more historical description of St Mary, Stoughton do click here.

Kissing gate – a different journey perhaps?

Kissing gate

Kissing gate


The early evening sun finds a gap in the hedgerow and casts it light on the kissing gate.

A simple physical interruption to a country path, but one which entices you to pass through and discover what lies on the other side.

If you click on the image to view a larger version you may see that someone has written ‘Jesus’ in chalk on the top right hand rail. Is the gate symbolic of a different journey perhaps?

Churches Project no.5 – St Michael’s, Up Marden, West Sussex

St Michael’s in Up Marden is a small, beautiful and unspoilt country church dating back to the 13th Century. Within the South Downs National Park it lies to the north west of Chichester and to the south of the Hampshire town of Petersfield. Invisible from the road behind farm buildings and surrounded by trees and farmland it would be easy to pass it by. Even if you happened to find yourself along this very quiet country lane in this remote backwater of West Sussex, you still might miss the small sign which leads you up an unmade track to the church.

When I visited the church it was quite a dull day and on entry the nave was dark and it took a while for my eyes to adjust to the light. I rely totally on natural light for my work, I don’t even possess a flash but even if I did, I wouldn’t use it as I like to work with the light I am given and not create an artificial look to my photographs. I did though wonder how I was going to cope with such poor light, but the combination of a high ISO setting (1600 or 3200), a monopod, and some careful post processing, I was able to achieve the results you can see in this post.

I spent over two hours on my own, observing and taking in the atmosphere of this lovely building, working out the best way to capture the almost rustic simplicity of this church. After all it is still lit by candles, so there are no ‘modern’ wires or bulbs to take away the fact that this is a very old place of worship for country folk.


The Chancel in Up Marden Church

The Chancel


Prayer Book in Up Marden Church

The Lord’s Supper


Light through the door way in Up Marden Church

Light through the door way into the bell tower


Candelabra in Up Marden Church



Cobwebs and cow parsley through the leaded light window of Up Marden Church

Cobwebs and cow parsley 


St Michael's Church, Up Marden

St Michael’s Church, Up Marden


The Alter in Up Marden Church

The Altar 


Within the same area there are churches at East Marden, West Marden and North Marden, but they will all have to wait for another day.


Do click on any of the images to view a larger version in a new window or visit the West Sussex Gallery page for other churches in the county.

For more information about my ongoing Churches Project do click here.