A ‘dank’ Devon walk with a camera.



There are times when I enjoy taking photographs in the mist and the rain, when visibility and the light is poor, but the mood and atmosphere can be rather special. These three photographs were all taken in Devon countryside whilst out on a walk with our dog. The low cloud and mist didn’t lift all day, but apart from some early rain, it was just a damp and rather dank sort of day. Nevertheless I found a few locations where the camera came out to capture what I saw and felt as I walked along narrow footpaths and country lanes.

In all three images I have added some grain or noise, as well a slight tone, which I think enhances the overall look of the photograph.





Please click on any image to see a larger version.

Thanks as always for looking.

8 Responses to “A ‘dank’ Devon walk with a camera.”

  1. smackedpentax

    These really are superb…my time of day too, before the sun gets out properly. Wonderful 🙂


    • alan frost

      Thanks Steven. I’m inclined to agree; but I will work with all light and conditions, as I just love taking photographs.


  2. skipsmithphotography

    Alan: Once again thank you for your supportive comments on my images. I really enjoy your work and often think to myself how similar I think we might see things. I agree also with your response to Steven. I also enjoy fog, however I also enjoy many other atmospheric and lighting conditions. Some pose quite a challenge but therein lies the joy. skip


    • alan frost

      Thanks Skip. I said to my wife only the other day that I would not wait for the ‘best’ light (there isn’t the time to always be in the right place at the right time) but always work to the best of my ability with the light I had been given.



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