‘Paid’ work – a new gallery page

'Paid' work screen grab


I have just added a new gallery page to this site. Although it is titled ‘Paid’ work, and whilst it was my first ever commission, I am not a professional photographer so after covering my material expenses I asked for a donation to be made to a worthwhile cause. The work was commissioned by Vail Williams, a firm of Commercial Property Consultants in Portsmouth and the ten images are now displayed in their offices at 1000 Lakeside in North Harbour. They requested photographs of both ‘Old’ and ‘New’ Portsmouth as well as more abstract work of the office building itself.

To see the images which were all taken in the early part of 2014 please click here.

…..or to read more about the background to this work click on the links below.

My first commission – agreeing the brief.

My first commission – taking the photographs.

My first commission – processing and selection.

My first commission – the finished result.



5 Responses to “‘Paid’ work – a new gallery page”

  1. LensScaper

    Firstly, congratulations on a superb set of images, Alan. I’ve just read through the series of articles about this project and it makes fascinating reading. A project like this always involves far more work than originally thought and can be immensely time-consuming, but also very rewarding when finally the work is concluded and you see your images up on the wall. Who knows what might follow on from this. Well done, and thanks for writing this up so comprehensively.


    • alan frost

      Many thanks Andy for your appreciative comment and indeed for taking the time and having the patience to read the various articles. I am pleased you found them interesting. In time I would like to submit an Associateship panel to the RPS, so this commission taught me a number of valuable lessons which may be useful when I do. Thanks again.


      • LensScaper

        The quality of your work is certainly up to the ARPS level, Alan. Assembling a panel is sometimes the trickiest bit. The re-vamped RPS journal is particularly strong on showing successful panels, as I am sure you will know. Why not go to one of the advisory days? And good luck.


      • alan frost

        Thanks Andy. I have been to an advisory day but this was before they changed the categories, so I do need to go again. I was pleased to read you thought my work was of the required standard, but as you say piecing together a panel of images and deciding on the project is the tricky bit.


      • LensScaper

        Thinks have changed dramatically since I got an ARPS back in the last ’70s – then about 50% of the criteria related to the abilities to get the picture taking, processing and printing right (as emphasised in the guidance documents of that era) – things we take for granted nowadays.


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