Sailing in the Solent


Sailing in the Solent

Because I live near the south coast, I have lost count of the number of people who over the years have asked – “Do you sail?” To which I reply – “No, I don’t”. I prefer to look at the sea and not be either in it or floating in a boat on it. Having said that, if a sailing friend offers a trip on the water then subject to the weather being reasonably calm, I will more than likely take up the invitation.

My wife and I accompanied some friends last year and we sailed from Chichester Harbour across the Solent towards Bembridge on the Isle of Wight. We anchored in the bay just off Bembridge to enjoy a very pleasant lunch before setting sail for the return journey. I know I like it to be calm when on the water but on this occasion there was hardly a breath of wind and what liitle wind there was to be had, was apparently blowing in the wrong direction. So the engine was fired up and eventually we arrived back in the sheltered waters of Chichester Harbour. The calming influence of sailing was rather spoilt by the constant thrum coming from the outboard motor not to mention the smell from the fumes of the diesel engine. Nevertheless it was a very pleasant way to spend the day and we kept dry, which is always a blessing.

It was late September and the light was beginning to fade. There were clouds gathering but the late afternoon sun danced on the water as I looked back towards the Isle of Wight and took this shot. A reminder of a very good day out and I can understand why sailing appeals to so many people, but I think I will stick with my hobby – photography.

4 Responses to “Sailing in the Solent”

  1. LensScaper

    That is a beautiful image, Alan. A classic – it sums up the joys of sailing on a benign day. I sailed in the Solent many many years ago and I too had a wonderful day.



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