The wonderful light of Church interiors


Pews of Light
The interior of Weybourne Church. The low morning light shined through the tall leaded light windows on the far wall and illuminated the church pews and cushions.


There is something rather special, well at least for me anyway, about the light which can be found inside a church. This is particularly true when the sun is shining brightly and it comes through the leaded light windows, making shadows and highlighting certain features inside a place of prayer and contemplation.

This post features three photographs taken recently in Norfolk, which I think capture something of the magical light to be found inside these religious buildings. They are centuries old, yet in many respects are no different to when they were first constructed. The idea that this special light has been witnessed by so many generations is rather humbling.


Altar shadows

Altar Shadows
The simple altar of Wiveton Church. The shadow of the cross and the leaded light windows are very special. I have deliberately positioned the cross and candles to the right hand side to counterbalance the shadows to the left.


Church windows

Church Windows
The church of Salthouse sits high above the village. This row of tall arched leaded light windows together with their shadows take on an almost abstract quality.


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