Gun Wharf Quay and Spinnaker Tower

Last Friday was a significant day for me. Earlier in the year I had agreed with my business partners that as from the 1st October I would reduce the numbers of days I work each week, from five to four days, electing to take Friday as my day off. The 5th October was therefore the first Friday I didn’t go into work, which left me free to do something completely different to what I would normally do on that day of the week. I decided to head on down to Portsmouth and Gun Wharf Quay in particular, to take a few shots of Spinnaker Tower and its immediate surroundings. It was good fun, I didn’t go inside any of the shops although I was questioned by a security officer who must have assumed I worked for a terrorist organisation! I can’t blame him for questioning me, he was only doing his job. In fact once we got talking he was quite interested and liked some of the shots I had taken.

Here are selection of the images, all taken with the Olympus EM5 and as is usually the case with my workflow, imported into Lightroom and converted into Black and White with Silver Efex Pro2.

Spinnaker Tower – an unusual but symmetrical approach to this very tall structure
12mm f10 1/500 ISO200

Spinnaker Tower

Spinnaker Tower looking across the harbour – a much more traditional approach
12mm f13 1/320 ISO200

Spinnaker Tower across the harbour

A statue near the entrance to the Historic Dockyard with the tower in the background
45mm f3.5 1/4000 ISO200

Spinnaker Tower and sculpture

A Ship’s Head again with the tower in the background
45mm f4 1/4000 ISO200

Ships Head and Spinnaker Tower

The rigging of the ‘Old Warrior’ ship – part of the Historic Dockyard
45mm f4.5 1/3200

The Old Warrior, ships rigging

A view across Portsmouth Harbour
45 f6.3 1/500 ISO200

Portsmouth harbour

The ‘Ship Leopard’ pub now closed down
45mm f4 1/1000 ISO200

Closed down pub in Portsmouth

The pedestrian walkway leading to Gun Wharf Quay and its shops
12mm f13 1/8 ISO200

Entrance to Gun Wharf Quay

A Busker in Gun Wharf, fiddling for a drink perhaps?
78mm f5 1/1000 ISO 200

The Busker

An old dockyard crane in front of No. 1 Apartment Block
67mm f6.3 1/800 ISO200

No 1 Apartment block and crane

Another unusual angle looking up at Spinnaker Tower
12mm f10 1/500 ISO200

Spinnaker Tower

One Response to “Gun Wharf Quay and Spinnaker Tower”

  1. Queens Hotel Portsmouth

    Great photographs and a superb blog thank you for sharing. Here at Queens Hotel Portsmouth we enjoy close proximity to both Gunwharf Quays and Portsmouth Historic Dockyard and love to celebrate the very best that Portsmouth has to offer. Our very best wishes to you and all your readers.



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