The Characters of the Goodwood Revival Meeting

There are two major elements to the Goodwood Revival Meeting. Firstly the wonderful machinery (the cars, the aircraft and the motor bikes) and secondly the people who attend and frankly make this event what it is today. In the past I have concentrated on the former but this year I decided that I would work harder to capture images of the characters, their outfits and through them the spirit of the event itself.

In an earlier blog entry I made it clear that all my images this year would be in ‘black and white’ and through this medium I think the mood of the event is further enhanced.

With one exception all the photographs have been taken using the Olympus EM5, imported into Lightroom and converted into black and white using Silver Efex Pro.

The Rocker
Olympus EM5 45mm f2 1/1250 ISO 200

The Rocker

The Bike Mechanic
Olympus EM5 12mm f2 1/500 ISO 200

The bike mechanic

The Artist
Olympus EM5 20mm f2.5 1/20 ISO 200

An Artist drawing one of the Silver Arrows

I later found out that the artist in the above photo is Stefan Marjoram. He is both a professional artist and a photographer specialising in motor sport. In my opinion he produces some wonderful work. His photographic work can be found here and his drawings here. He has a specific blog entry for his drawings of The Silver Arrows, which includes the very drawing he is working on in this image.

The Pilot and the moustache
Olympus EM5 45mm f2.2 1/1600 ISO 200

The pilot and the moustache

The Kenwood Shop Assistant
Olympus EM5 20mm f4.5 1/80 ISO 200

The waitress

The Car Salesman
Olympus EM5 20mm f1.8 1/125 ISO 200

The car salesman

The Couple
Olympus EM5 20mm f2.5 1/800 ISO 200

The couple

The Cleaner
Olympus EM5 20mm f2 1/800 ISO 200

The cleaner

The Lady and the bike
Olympus EM5 20mm f2.2 1/800 ISO 200

The Lady and the bicycle

The American Biker
Olympus EM5 45mm f2 1/1250 ISO 400

American bikers

The Lady in the bike shed
Olympus EM5 45mm f2 1/640 ISO 200

Lady in the bike shed

The Lady and The ‘Spiv’
Nikon D90 70-300mm @ 116mm f5 1/320 ISO 200

The 'Spiv' and The Lady

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