The Fuji X100v has arrived – first outing….

A few days ago I picked up my new Fuji X100v. In fact it was the first day the black version could be sold to the general public. ‘Who’s a lucky boy then?!’ Well I am because my first impressions have exceeded expectations.

In my last post I mentioned the ‘in camera’ Fuji film simulations and how this particular feature appealed to me. Not just the black and white ‘Acros’ simulation but also the colour variants as well.

Over the weekend my wife and I went out for our morning dog walk and headed down to the beach at West Wittering. One of our favourite spots which we have been to on many occasions. Needless to say the Fuji X100v came with me.

I took a handful of shots and decided to use the Eterna/cinema film simulation which gives a soft colour and rich shadow tone. In Capture One I did a minimal amount of processing and a slight adjustment to the white balance.

The creative opportunities are limitless but I already know that I will be doing more colour work with this particular camera. I need to get to grips with the menu settings and configure the camera to my liking which will take time. As mentioned earlier I used Capture One to process these images. I like the way this software handles the Fuji RAW files but again I have a lot to learn.

First impressions of this camera are excellent but it’s the final results which really matter, so I hope you enjoy these images.


4 Responses to “The Fuji X100v has arrived – first outing….”

  1. Vicki

    Lovely soft tonal range, but is that the U.K.’s soft light and overcast skies in general?


      • Vicki

        It is to mine also, Alan.
        Every time I’ve been out in our hot glaring sun in Australia, I hanker for the overcast, grey days of the U.K. in my 1970s travels.


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