The Isle of Harris – All things bright and beautiful……

…. all vistas great and small. Yes, I know I have changed one of the words but I have done so for a particular reason.

This blog has been very quiet for the past month. Quite simply I have been away and taken a break from Social Media generally, including a self-imposed news blackout because it’s all just too depressing. How refreshing these decisions proved to be, but that’s a story for another day.

My wife and I have been in Scotland visiting The Outer Hebrides and staying on the Isles of Harris and Lewis, which neither of us have ever had the good fortune to experience before. These islands are stunningly beautiful and dramatic. It is almost impossible not to utter ‘wow’ as great views are likely to greet you at every turn.

I have seen many images of this part of the world so deciding how to capture my own personal vision of this place was not necessarily that easy. The ‘big’ landscape or seascape is possibly the default setting and there is nothing wrong with this approach as illustrated in the above image.

However as my eyes wandered around I started to see beauty in other compositions. So rather than try and present the whole scene in one picture, I wanted to reduce the number of elements in the frame thereby simplifying the image. I think the next two shots represent this approach quite well.

Further simplification and the viewer may start to try and imagine elements of the landscape which are outside the frame. Scale becomes less easy to discern. The images are little more intriguing as a result.

And to finish an abstract image which has hardly any detail or information but in my opinion has a beauty all of its own, yet still has something to say about the location.

The Isle of Harris is a very special place and I shall be sharing other images and writing more about the trip in due course. In the meantime I would like to repeat the words at the beginning of this entry:

All things bright and beautiful,

All vistas great and small….

6 Responses to “The Isle of Harris – All things bright and beautiful……”

  1. Elizabeth Restall

    Bright and beautiful, as you say. I say, as well, exquisite and delicious. Very envious.


    • alan frost

      Thanks Elizabeth. Helen and I have been wanting to go there for some time and now we can’t wait to return. Fantastic place.


  2. Vicki

    I think the more simple the scene, the more beautiful the image.
    The last image in this post presents a perfect example 🙂


  3. Jay Horton

    Hello Alan,
    Once more, you have produced some amazing landscape shots. Well done! BTW Which camera and lens did you use?
    Best regards


    • alan frost

      Hi Jay. Thanks for your kind words. Combination of Monochrom and SL plus 18mm and 50mm. Having said that I am a firm believer that whilst equipment is important it’s the end result that really matters.



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