Basic ingredients – another still life.


A few weeks ago I made my first still life image. Whilst I prefer outdoor photography I am really enjoying using things which I can find around the home, arranging them to form a pleasing composition, lighting them in a sympathetic way and then processing the picture mainly in Silver Efex Pro.

These basic ingredients can be found in almost any house. A loaf of bread, an apple, a slice of cheese and a drinking vessel, in this case an old wine goblet. Do we take these things for granted? We probably do. Perhaps this image reminds us that there is a simple beauty in all things, even the most basic of food ingredients.

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10 Responses to “Basic ingredients – another still life.”

  1. crystalight2012

    Really like the composition of this one Alan, good light and post processing, love the tones!


  2. Vicki

    Beautifully lit and processed.

    Your Still Life work is getting better and better as the days go by, and I really love this one (being the best you’ve shared so far).
    The textures are so interesting….. really your very own style.

    I’d love to know how many hours you spent on processing this one 🙂 I ask that, as I spent a couple of hours trying to get a particular shade of green last night and I can well imagine you spending some time on this image. Or did you spend more time setting up the lighting and composition before the shot?

    Just curious, as I learn so much from you.


    • alan frost

      Thank you Vicki.

      By way of some background I took about 10 frames varying the lighting each time. I then downloaded them and chose the one which I felt had the most promise. It then took me about 10 or 15 minutes to process (I wasn’t counting) in Silver Efex Pro. If you don’t have this plug in I can highly recommend it. I am so familiar with what it can and can’t do that I know which sliders and local adjustments to make in order to achieve the result I am looking for.

      I do feel my still life photographs are improving and I am learning a lot about lighting and composition in the process.

      Thanks as always for your kind comment.

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    • alan frost

      Thank you Diana. Personally I don’t think the cheese is too bright but I would say that wouldn’t I. It’s always a matter of personal interpretation so I am happy with the processing – others may beg to differ which I do understand.

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