The Road Ahead, Isle of Mull – and life in general

Roads, tracks or paths all lead somewhere, albeit some do reach a dead end. In many ways they can be symbolic of life in general. We are all on a path of some description, and none of us truly know where it might lead. If we knew what lay round every corner or over every hill, life would in fact be rather dull.

We often encounter junctions and therefore choices. Which direction do we take? Only the passage of time will prove to us whether or not it was the right decision. Many days, months or even years may have to be pass before we can look back and reflect, and by then it is often too late to retrace our steps. Is there light or darkness ahead? Are we excited or nervous to be on the path we now travel?

I know I am getting rather philosophical, but following early retirement from the property industry last year, I continued working as a consultant for just over a year. However this too comes to a natural end tomorrow, the 30th June. It is perhaps a little strange or ironic that on the following day, the 1st of July, I will be exhibiting my work for the first time.

None of this was planned, it is just how things have worked out; just like this image which I made recently. After a rather dull start to the day on the Isle of Mull in Scotland, this wet single track road was suddenly lit by a little brightness in the sky. The car had to be stopped and a photograph taken. The view on the other side of the hill was spectacular………….. and I will share that picture with you in another post, on another day.

For now though my life has taken a different direction, and I am very happy to be on this new path. Who knows where it might lead in the future? There can be no certainty, only guesswork to the answer; but one thing is for sure, I am looking forward to finding out.

5 Responses to “The Road Ahead, Isle of Mull – and life in general”

  1. LensScaper

    Welcome to the work-free world, Alan. (I decided not to call it the pensioner’s world)! I retired from medical practice 9 years ago today precisely and life changed. Suddenly I had free time (my wife would dispute my definition of that) but it marked a whole new chapter in my photographic journey. I switched from a PC to a Mac. My patients bought me a Digital Nikon, I bought Photoshop and I embarked on a very steep learning curve. I take my hat off to those who found time while working F/Time to progress as photographers. As my career progressed I ran out of spare time completely and photography was kicked, sadly, into the long grass.
    I love your choice of image for today – so apt – and your writing too is so appropriate. And finally the image reminds me of two photographers: Bill Brandt and Andy Beel. I’ve always been a lover of that style of B&W and I look forward to seeing more like it. Cheers, Alan, enjoy the years ahead. Andy.


    • alan frost

      Thanks Andy. It’s great not to have any work related ties. Just before I decided to retire a good friend said ‘You’ve done your bit’ and my mind was made up. I only picked up a camera as a hobby 7 odd years ago. My wife told me I had to find an interest away from the stresses of work. Trouble was I was soon hooked and it has developed into what it is today. I have blogging for almost exactly five years and this have given me something to work towards on a regular basis. I am pleased you like the image. I know Andy Beel well, I have been on a few of his workshops and he recently asked me to proof read a couple of his latest books. He also is drawn to roads and paths so there is definitely a similarity. I guess my next goal is a Fellowship but we shall see. First and foremost there is an exhibition starting tomorrow!! All the best. Alan



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