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It’s a Bank Holiday – time to play!


It’s a Bank Holiday weekend in the UK. Unusually the sun is shining brightly, it’s pretty hot and quite rightly people are giving themselves permission to relax and enjoy themselves – and why not?!

In a complete break from my usual style, I too have been playing – just processing an image in a rather exaggerated way purely for the fun of it. High on contrast, lots of grain, blue toned, rotated through 90 degrees and a fancy border as well.

I think it’s important to do something different once in a while. Creative freedom can lead to unexpected results. Nothing too serious but good to inject a change of tack – after all ‘variety is the spice of life’.

For the record I took this shot yesterday at The Arundel Festival. There were huge numbers of people around; the main roads in the town had been closed to traffic, and tables and chairs were everywhere to cater for the thirsty and the hungry.

Have fun whatever you choose to do this Bank Holiday.



The Road Ahead, Isle of Mull – and life in general

Roads, tracks or paths all lead somewhere, albeit some do reach a dead end. In many ways they can be symbolic of life in general. We are all on a path of some description, and none of us truly know where it might lead. If we knew what lay round every corner or over every hill, life would in fact be rather dull.

We often encounter junctions and therefore choices. Which direction do we take? Only the passage of time will prove to us whether or not it was the right decision. Many days, months or even years may have to be pass before we can look back and reflect, and by then it is often too late to retrace our steps. Is there light or darkness ahead? Are we excited or nervous to be on the path we now travel?

I know I am getting rather philosophical, but following early retirement from the property industry last year, I continued working as a consultant for just over a year. However this too comes to a natural end tomorrow, the 30th June. It is perhaps a little strange or ironic that on the following day, the 1st of July, I will be exhibiting my work for the first time.

None of this was planned, it is just how things have worked out; just like this image which I made recently. After a rather dull start to the day on the Isle of Mull in Scotland, this wet single track road was suddenly lit by a little brightness in the sky. The car had to be stopped and a photograph taken. The view on the other side of the hill was spectacular………….. and I will share that picture with you in another post, on another day.

For now though my life has taken a different direction, and I am very happy to be on this new path. Who knows where it might lead in the future? There can be no certainty, only guesswork to the answer; but one thing is for sure, I am looking forward to finding out.