It’s great to have my Monochrom back!

A couple of months ago I discovered I had a problem with my Leica M Monochrom. In essence a new sensor was required. You can read more about the issue by clicking here.

Just over a week ago I returned the loan camera to The Leica Store, Mayfair in London and collected my trusty camera; fully serviced and with a new sensor, all at no cost to me. The service had been excellent and I have nothing but praise for the way the whole thing was handled.

It’s strange but the loan camera just wasn’t the same; perhaps the feel of the shutter was slightly different, but for various reasons it was hardly used in the 8 weeks my camera was away in Germany.

Delighted to have the Monochrom back in my hands, I went down to Chichester Harbour and took a few shots – nothing special; more of a test to see that the camera was behaving itself , which it definitely is!



Do click on any image to see a larger version which will open in a new window.

4 Responses to “It’s great to have my Monochrom back!”

  1. Rainbow Junkie

    Did you realise clicking doesn’t make the images enlarge. I have noticed the same on my blog. You have to edit the photo so it links to the media file. No sure when they changed it!

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