Reminiscing perhaps?


There are no prizes for guessing where this shot was taken; as anyone familiar with this iconic location will know that it is the view from Seaford Head towards the chalk cliffs of The Seven Sisters, with Beachy Head just visible in the far distance.

This image is less about the view and more about the story it has to tell. The elderly gentleman with white hair sits on his own, his faithful walking stick at his side. Quite possibly a location he has visited many times before, we can only begin to imagine the thoughts that are passing through his mind as he looks over the coastguard cottages and across the bay to The Seven Sisters. Perhaps he is reminiscing about days gone by and the times when walking the landscape in front of him were a little less challenging than they might be today.

Photographically a key ingredient which makes this shot work for me is the careful placement of his head and the horn handle of his stick, so that both share a dark background. As a result your eye is drawn to this part of the picture, which is of course the main point of interest. The view is stunning, but on this occasion it plays second fiddle to why I pressed the shutter. It’s the story within the picture and not the view itself that I was trying to capture.

2 Responses to “Reminiscing perhaps?”

  1. LensScaper

    This is a ‘view’ that I have yet to visit, although I have seen something akin to the reverse while walking out to the sea alongside the meanders in the valley floor. A cleverly thought out composition, Alan.


    • alan frost

      Well worth visiting. There is a car park at the top of the hill which you get to from Seaford town. We went in February but even then it was quite busy.



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