Just before the dark

Just before dark

Just before dark


I always welcome this time of year. Yes I know the clocks have gone back, so it’s dark well before you sit down for your evening meal. But the colder and shorter days bring great skies and once the leaves have fallen, the true splendour and skeletal shapes of a line of trees can be really be appreciated.

Do click on the image to enjoy a larger version.

10 Responses to “Just before the dark”

  1. Vicki

    I love those skeletal tree shapes of winter also.

    (there was one tree at the top end of the Royal Botanic Gardens here in Melbourne and when I lived in the area, I always made it a point to photograph the sky to include that one bare tree as I walked through the exit gate of the Gardens and down the street towards home at dusk).

    One tree can inspire many images (let alone a whole row).


  2. LensScaper

    Each season comes with its own pleasures and skeletal trees are one of the delights of winter. I like that slight visual ‘pause’ in the centre of the composition.


    • alan frost

      Thanks Andy. As photographers I thing we are all drawn to these natural shapes. These particular trees always seem to be among the first to lose all their leaves.



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