Churches Project no.8 – St Mary Magdalene Chapel, Chichester Cathedral

St Mary Magdalene Chapel


My Churches Project has been rather quiet of late; in fact it’s nearly 3 months since I posted anything new, but I now have more time on my hands so I can start visiting and photographing the many churches and Cathedrals I wish to visit.

To get things underway here is an image taken this week of St Mary Magdalene Chapel in Chichester Cathedral, West Sussex. The main feature is a painting by Graham Sutherland (1903 -1980) entitled Noli me tangere (Touch me not or Do not hold me). Painted in 1961 it depicts Christ appearing to Mary Magdalene on the first Easter morning.

I like the beautiful and quiet simplicity of this chapel – The polished stone table covered with a pure white cloth. The two candlesticks on each side and the modern painting set against the aged stone of the Cathedral.

Do click on the image to view a larger version and be able to see more detail particularly of the painting itself.


2 Responses to “Churches Project no.8 – St Mary Magdalene Chapel, Chichester Cathedral”

  1. Sherry Snyder

    Simply lovely – the church and your image. I really enjoy the images from your Churches Project.


    • alan frost

      Thank you Sherry. So pleased you are enjoying the images in my Churches Project. Your appreciative comment means a lot to me.



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