Snowdonia – A new gallery page

It’s hard to believe that three months have passed since I visited Snowdonia. I had a great time and after a lot of processing, curating and ten blog entries later, I have now put together a gallery page of what I consider to be my favourite images. The ones that take me straight back to a particular location. I can remember the time of day, the weather conditions and what I was trying to achieve when I took the shot. The gallery is here.



Pressing the shutter doesn’t work every time, far from it in fact, and my ‘keeper rate’ is probably no better than 1 in 50, but I am very happy with that. Sometimes the light wouldn’t be right, or the image would be badly composed or out of focus. Inevitably there would be many occasions when I didn’t select the correct camera settings, or quite simply I was trying to take a photograph when a good image never existed in the first place. But that’s the joy of photography.

I believe that each time you press the shutter you should learn something from the experience. That way I learn more from the ones I didn’t get right, as opposed to the ones that eventually find their way to the printer or onto this blog.








I have included some new images in this entry but the gallery itself is made up of 39 photographs, so do click here to visit the Snowdonia Gallery page.

I do hope to have the opportunity to return to Snowdonia later this year. It’s an inspiring and beautiful place for any visitor, let alone a photographer. The changing light and dramatic scenery are very special indeed.

Last but not least I would like to extend a big thank you to fellow WordPress blogger Andy Beal FRPS for organising and hosting an excellent and instructive workshop. To David Mills ARPS for his extensive knowledge of the area, and finally to the other participants for their company and good humour. Together we had a lot of fun and a week of photograph to remember.

If you want to visit any of the previous blog entries I have added all the links below, together with a thumbnail image to whet your appetite.

Llyn Gwynant

Snowdonia – It’s all about the light


Tryfan – a majestic mountain in Snowdonia

Sunlit fern

Creative use of depth of field in Snowdonia

Burning mist

The appeal of ‘light on dark’ in Snowdonia

Early morning in Snowdonia – with or without a tripod?

Old road

The old A5 – Nant Ffrancon valley in Snowdonia

Mist and missing Capel Curig – Happy New Year!

Dinorwic slate quarry – a harsh and inhospitable place.

Cwmorthin slate quarry in Snowdonia – the lower section

Cwmorthin slate quarry in Snowdonia – the upper section



8 Responses to “Snowdonia – A new gallery page”

  1. smackedpentax

    These truly are superb. I visit Snowdonia often and am blown away by it’s beauty – you have captured it so well…well done 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Photographs by Peter Knight

    Agreed with comment above! I’ve been often, but not for many years now. These are very beautifully made photographs. Also, interesting to hear about your shooting style and methods; I can definitely relate. There is so much about the photography process that keeps me alone, often cold, tired but always looking for my picture! Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    • alan frost

      Thanks Peter. You have made me think that I should be writing a little more in future about my approach and style, and what is going through my mind both in the taking and the making. I also agree with you about photography being a ‘lonely’ place. Whenever I am out with a camera I seem to enter a different world.


  3. LensScaper

    Sadly I missed some of these posts the first time round due to the upheaval and preparations for moving house. This is most certainly a gallery to be proud of, ALan. Early morning in Snowdonia would be my favourite – there is something very special about that view of the Snowdon Horseshoe from close to Plas y Brenin. It’s an iconic view and you’ve captured it perfectly. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve walked that horsehoe route. And Tryfan – unmistakable and moody – and a fun peak fir scrambling and climbing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • alan frost

      I am pleased the gallery gave you the opportunity to catch up with some images of an area you clearly enjoy so much. It’s almost impossible not to be captivated by the view of the Horseshoe from Plas y Brenin.



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