An Easter display – Mono where there should be colour

Easter display

Easter display

A few weeks ago I was asked if I would take some photographs for publication in our parish magazine of the truly beautiful flowers which were on display in my local church over the Easter period. I did not need to ask if they wanted colour or black or white images. Of course they had to be in colour and that was absolutely right.

The dominant colour of the flowers was yellow, a sign of Spring, and new life and growth. Irrespective of your own personal religious beliefs this time of year is always a joy; as Winter turns to Spring, the trees turn green and the dawn chorus can be heard each and every morning as night turns into day.

I was pleased with the images I took but as my first photographic love is monochrome and not colour, I could not resist the temptation to convert one of the pictures into black and white. It works for me but it would never have been selected for the colour centre page spread in the parish magazine! Nevertheless it’s one to share on my blog and I hope you agree.

6 Responses to “An Easter display – Mono where there should be colour”

  1. skipsmithphotography

    Very nice still life, and I certainly agree with your preference for monochrome. skip smith


  2. Vicki

    Being a lover of monochrome myself, I love the conversion of your photo, but I can well imagine how colour would have been the natural choice for a parish magazine.
    After all, surely colour is the key to Spring.


    • alan frost

      Thanks Vicki. The colour image works very well but doesn’t really have a place on a blog about black and white photography!



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