Goodwood Revival – the cars and the people

Jaguar C Type

For many years I have been to the Goodwood Revival – a wonderful annual event, staged over three days in the middle of September. It’s pure theatre, from the cars, to the racing and of course the people, the vast majority of which enter into the spirit of the occasion and dress in clothes appropriate for the post war era.

Trying to select what to photograph and what not to, is far from easy, as there is something of interest round every corner or should I say bend.

All the photographs were taken with the Leica M Monochrom and 50mm f1.4, Summilux lens. Restricting myself to one camera and one lens, is not inhibiting. If anything it allows me to concentrate far more on the subject and not be distracted by the question ‘which lens shall I use?’ In the short time I have been using the Monochrom, I have been forced to slow down, really consider what I am doing and what camera settings are required to give me the ‘look’ I am wanting. As a consequence I took far fewer photographs than I would have done in the past. The photographic experience is very different to any other camera I have ever used and I think it will be sometime before I feel at ease using a rangefinder.

I so enjoy working on the files from the Monochrom in post processing. The screen on the back of the camera does not do justice to the image, to the contrary it’s so poor it’s hardly worth looking at. Fine for a quick check for composition and exposure, using either the histogram or highlights and shadows warning, but not much else. Back at home the sheer pleasure of downloading the files in all their glory is well worth waiting for.

Enough about the equipment, here is a selection of photographs from the Goodwood Revival.

Firstly the machines which is what draws the crowds in the first place.

Starting Grid - Goodwood Revival
Starting Grid  
In Admiration
In Admiration – of a Blower Bentley
Icon of British Cinema.
An icon of British Cinema – James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5
Jaguar XK 140 - Goodwood Revival
Jaguar XK 140
Wing mirror - Goodwood Revival
Wing mirror
Helmet, gloves and scarf - Goodwood Revival
Helmet, gloves and scarf
VIP's Only - Goodwood Revival
VIP’s Only

  And now for the people.

The Gent - Goodwood Revival
The Gent
Glamcab Taxi Girls - Goodwood Revival
Glam Cab Taxi Girls
Stolen milk bottle - Goodwood Revival
Stolen Milk Bottle
1960's girls - Goodwood Revival
1960’s Girls

It’s only two weeks since the Revival and already I am looking forward to next year’s event. I hope you can see why.

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