Rich photo opportunities in London’s museums and galleries

Tate Arches
Tate Arches – Tate Britain

We are very fortunate in this country that many of the best museums and galleries in London do not charge an entry fee, although they do usually request a donation. Not only do they contain some wonderful exhibits, the buildings themselves offer some great photographic opportunities. In fact I enjoy visiting and exploring these institutions for this very reason. Some time ago I went to the Natural History Museum to see the Genesis Exhibition by Sebastiao Salgado and I wrote about the photos taken here.

More recently I have visited Tate Britain, the British Museum and the Saatchi Gallery to see what material there might be for some photography. Each building is very different, but all three had a number of architectural features which inspired me to take some images.
All of these visitor attractions allow photographs to be taken, although the use of a tripod would I think be prohibited, so all my shots were handheld.

Tate Britain
The Manton Staircase, Tate Britain
The Manton Staircase
Light on the stairs
Light on the Stairs
Spiral staircase
Spiral staircase
The Corridor
The Corridor
The British Museum
British Museum
Great Court – a contrast of old and new
Leading somewhere
Leading somewhere?
Ionic Column, British Museum
Ionic column
The Saatchi Gallery
Inside outside
Inside – Outside

Regarding the building itself, I found less to photograph here, but I was able to capture a few interesting people shots.

Just looking
Just Looking

Art movement
Art movement

Girl in the Gallery
Girl in the gallery

Rich pickings as far as I am concerned and definitely worth a return visit at some point in the future.   It also makes me wonder what opportunities might be in store at many other museums and galleries across the capital city of London.

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