A swift look at Cambridge

Old Street, Cambridge
Old Street Cambridge

There are two widely known University towns in England, one being Oxford, the other Cambridge. Although I have visited Oxford on a number of occasions, I can only recall having been to Cambridge once before, and this was many, many years ago for reasons I can no longer remember. It certainly wasn’t to further my academic education! So when my wife and I were invited to visit some distant relatives for lunch, it gave us the opportunity to look around the town for an hour or two before returning home. It was a Saturday afternoon so the lovely streets, lined by some beautiful college buildings were packed with students, shoppers and visitors, who were all enjoying the early summer sunshine.

Corpus Christi College, Cambridge
Corpus Christi College

There was so much to see and we only scratched the surface, conscious of the fact that a three hour drive lay ahead of us and it had already been quite a long day.

Without question it’s another town to add to the ever-growing list of places to revisit, explore and photograph, but for now here are small selection of images which say something about this rather special University town.

All the images were taken with the Olympus OMD EM1 and Panasonic 12 – 35mm f2.8 zoom lens. A great combination when you want to ‘travel light’ and have a versatile set up ready for most photographic opportunities without compromising on quality.

Reflections of University life
Reflections of University Life

Punting along The River Cam
Punting along The River Cam

Cambridge canoe
Cambridge Canoe

Kings College, Cambridge
Kings College

Rubbish Busker
Rubbish busker

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