Festival of Speed – The People

This is the second post relating to the Goodwood Festival of Speed. It’s been a busy summer so it has taken me a while to complete this entry and there may still be one more to come!

This event is wonderful for its cars but also for the people who drive them or indeed simply spectate. Hopefully these images give a flavour of ‘the people’ at Goodwood.

Its twenty years since the Festival of Speed came to Goodwood, courtesy of the Earl of March. It’s grown and grown, year on year, but one person who has regularly been invited but never come, made his debut appearance on this occasion – Alain Prost or ‘The ‘Professor’, the great Formula One champion of days gone by.

Alain Prost and the Earl of March
Olympus E PL3 45mm f2.5 1/400 ISO 200


Rally Driver
Olympus E PL3 45mm f4.5 1/100 ISO 200


My turn soon……
Olympus E PL3 45mm f 2.0 1/320 ISO 20


No power steering……or silencers!
Olympus E PL3 45mm f2.0 1/320 ISO 200


It’s behind you!
Nikon D90 35mm f8.0 1/250 ISO 200


Father and son
Nikon D90 35mm f6.3 1/250 ISO 200


Having a break
Nikon D90 35mm f4.5 1/250 ISO 200


Penelope Pitsop
Nikon D90 35mm f8.0 1/320 ISO 200

Penelope Pitstop

Top Gear – not so popular these days?
Nikon D90 125mm f5.0 1/500 ISO 200

Top Gear stand

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