Down on a farm again!

For various reasons I seem to find myself visiting local farms in our area which can offer a wealth of photographic opportunities or at the very least a photographic exercise in seeing in black and white. I do not go to these farms specifically to take photographs but I on most occasions I carry a camera and one or two lenses with me, as I never know what I will see.

Builders bags - Sindles Farm
Builders Bags

I have to say I am drawn to these locations, which offer a variety of subjects to photograph – from old buildings, untidy farmyards, farm machinery, transport and other equipment, all of which are often well used and worn or should I just say neglected and decayed.

In the space of about fifteen or twenty minutes I fired off a few shots at Sindles Farm and here are the results. They may not be to everyones tastes but they have inspired me to visit other similar locations. To me they are fascinating places to photograph and are so typical of the rural farming communities of this country.

I am trying to follow a similar workflow and style of processing for these images and indeed other ‘farm or rural’ images I may take in the future. I have always liked the square format and the subtle toning to the monochrome image I think adds a little warmth and works well for this particular type of subject. All I need now is to find a suitable photographic paper which compliments this look and I may have the makings of a project to work on in the coming months.

Broken tractor light - Sindles Farm
Broken tractor light

Door and steps - Sindles Farm
Door and steps

Steering wheel of a tractor - Sindles Farm
Steering wheel of a tractor

Staddle and tiles - Sindles Farm
Staddle and tiles

Number plate on a tractor - Sindles Farm
Number plate on a tractor

Door latch - Sindles Farm
Door latch
A previous entry on a visit to another farm can be found here

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