On the Way

In April 2011 The South Downs became a National Park. Designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty along the south coast of England, the Park is spread over three counties, Hampshire, West Sussex and East Sussex. It covers a total area of 1600km2 and more than 110,000 people live within its boundaries.

The Park is also home to a National Trail or long distance footpath known as the South Downs Way, which is 160km or 100 miles in length. It starts in the city of Winchester in the west and finishes at the western end of the promenade in Eastbourne.

I am fortunate to live just outside the National Park boundary but it only takes a few minutes in the car and I can be in the heart of of this beautiful part of the world.

Whilst I love to travel further afield with my camera and explore areas such as Scotland or The Lake District, there is plenty to see and photograph right on my doorstep. So a few days ago I decided to walk a section of the South Downs Way. Starting in the car park to the south of Cocking Village I headed west to the tiny hamlet of Hooksway and then returned to Cocking. The walk was just under 11 miles and the scenery along the route was typical of the chalk downland which forms the escarpment of the South Downs.

Here are some images from the walk.

Towards Cocking
Heading towards the Village of Cocking
On the Way '2'
On the Way
On the Way
Still heading up hill on the Way
Way post.jpg
A sign post on the Way
All the photographs were taken using the Olympus OMD EM5 and Panasonic 12-35mm f2.8 lens. The wonderful clouds made these images what they are. I did not use a polariser but achieved the lovely contrast in the skies in post processing.  

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