Last club meeting tonight…….

It’s been a good club season as far as I am concerned and I do feel my photography has improved as the year has progressed. Tonight is the last meeting of the year and it’s the evening when a judge chooses the Print and Projected Image of the year. Last year I was fortunate enough to win the PI of the year. I doubt I will be so lucky tonight – but who knows?

Its been a tough choice deciding which two images to put forward in each category. As long as they were submitted for club competitions this season, then how many marks they scored is immaterial. After all one judge can give a photograph 10 out of 10 one evening, whilst another judge might give the same image 8 out of 10 the next. It’s that subjective and whatever the score, I don’t think I or others should be discouraged by  a poor mark, any more than we should be too elated when awarded the highest score. It’s only natural that we would all prefer 10 marks and not 8 – just don’t lose too much sleep over it though.

What’s more important is taking or making an image which pleases you, the photographer. If it gives pleasure to others and scores well in club competitions, then all well and good. If you like the image and enjoyed all that went in to producing the finished result, then I think that is the best result of all.

So here is my selection.

Firstly the two Projected Images.

Sand dunes at East Head - version 2 'flipped'

…..and secondly the two prints.
Arches in Reflection - Salisbury Cathedral

An Artist drawing one of the Silver Arrows

And the winner is? ……. the results will be posted in the next blog entry.

PS – Did anyone mention that of course I would like to win!!!

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