The Silver Arrows at the Goodwood Revival Meeting

1934 heralded the arrival of the Mercedes and Auto Union to GrandPrix motor racing. It was a wonderful era and these two makes affectionately known as ‘The Silver Arrows’ dominated top level racing. A year later in 1935 they made their UK appearance at Donnington. 75 years on and to mark this anniversary the 2012 Goodwood Revival Meeting brought this famous racers together once more.

The attention to detail at this annual event is so special that the cars were housed in an authentic recreation of the pits at the Bremgarten circuit which staged the Swiss Grand Prix in 1938.

As well as recording these magnificant cars in camera, there was an artist doing a superb pencil drawing of one the Auto Union racers.

All the photos were taken using an Olympus EM5, imported into Lightroom and converted into  black and white using Silver Efex Pro.

The Silver Arrows lined up in the pits
Olympus EM5 12mm 1/320 f9 ISO 400

The Silver Arrows

An Auto Union Silver Arrow with the ‘artist’ in the background
Olympus EM5 20mm 1/60 f2.8 ISO 200

Auto Union - one of the Silver Arrows

The artist and a superb pencil drawing
Olympus EM5 20mm 1/20 f2.5 ISO 200

An Artist drawing one of the Silver Arrows

An Auto Union being rolled out for action
Olympus EM5 45mm 1/500 f3.5 ISO 400

An Auto Union - one of The Silver Arrows

Magnificent machines all in a row. An extraordinary sight
Olympus EM5 45mm 1/60 f16 ISO 400

The Silver Arrows
This is the first entry about the Goodwood Revival Meeting. When time permits more will follow.

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