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Elgar’s Lost Sanctuary – alternative compositions

I have long been an advocate of ‘working’ a subject – in other words taking time to explore different compositions of what is essentially the same subject. I don’t wish to assume that the first choice of viewpoint and lens selection will make the best photograph. The temptation of course can be to pursue the obvious and then walk away believing the job is done.

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The ruins of St Benet’s Abbey in Norfolk

The ruins of St Benet’s Abbey on the banks of the River Bure within the Norfolk Broads are the best part of 1,000 years old. In 1020 King Cnut who ruled both England and Denmark, granted land and property to the hermits at St Benet’s and so the Benedictine Monastery was formed. It changed and expanded over the centuries and in the second half of the 18th Century a farmer built a windmill inside the abbey gatehouse. Some time later it was converted to a windpump┬ábut this ceased operating and now forms part of the abbey ruins.




Little remains of the monastery but in 1987 a tall cross was erected on the position of the High Alter. It was made from oak from the Royal Estate at Sandringham and can be seen from miles around.